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About Us

At the caf?readers will find help, information and advice about recruitment, raining career and life-style; designed to be interactive, at the caf?you are encouraged to express and exchange ideas, concepts and views.

With its UK-headquarters situated close to world-famous University of Cambridge the caf?brings together the latest business methods developed in the US and UK, a first rate financial centre (Guernsey) and a low cost high-value business resource centre in one of the world's fastest-growing economic areas: Chandigarh, India.

The caf?encourages you to access these resources and to share in these areas of knowledge. The caf?s mission to build an informed and active readership - which we call the " caf?society".

A team of expert correspondents will prepare articles on our central or core areas of interest: international recruitment and training, business methods and regional business issues. It is the readership of the caf?- in part, the caf?society - which is at its heart. Our readership is - employers and job seekers, trainers and NGO's, are encouraged to contribute to the magazine, sharing with us their own experience in their workplace, their views their impressions from all parts of the globe. We may not always agree and we may not always be comfortable with what is said but the joy of a platform such as the caf?is that we will listen, think and answer, as we feel inclined and as others want also so to do.

The caf?is internationally based and will bring together like-minded professionals from around the world. For example professionals in the worldwide defence community - manufacturing, projects and the armed forces - can exchange ideas and experiences (those they are able to voice!) at the caf? Similarly those interested in providing or finding work for ex-military personnel can articulate opportunities here with the caf?and Career Navigator. Similarly with and for those interested in international business law, shipping, IT, and the automotive industries; and many more. Some of these professionals will be industry-based, some will be based in public bodies (like national armed forces government ministries), and some will be based in universities and colleges. Whatever their area of interest and expertise they will find fellow -professionals at the Caf?

Today most of us are looking for more than just a good career. We are looking for quality of life. The caf?will explore "life-style issues" through articles provided by correspondents information given by a well-established companies. These companies will be offering special deals for caf?readers.

So, whoever you are and whatever your professional area of interest or your place of residence around the world you can use the caf?to get information and ideas. You can also exchange views with others - in the Caf?.