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Careers With Us

The beauty of a virtual business with a very wide focus is that because we are interested in practically everything and everybody our team can be as widely based as our interests. Moreover, because we are web based we can encourage and facilitate contributions from an equally disparate and dispersed group - a contributor's geographic location being largely irrelevant to anyone having a PC and decent access to the www as is their nationality or gender, race or religion.

The invitation to "join our team" then extends to:

  • Experienced journalists with views and perspectives on employment, training and/or lifestyle.

  • Subject matter experts with narrow but informed views on particular subjects Professionals with views their subject.

  • Teachers and trainers (they always have views).

  • Ex pats with tales to tell and experiences to share "retired Tunbridge Wells" (or Nice, or Chandigarh or St Peter Port etc).

  • Job seekers

  • Employers

  • NGO's and Volunteers

  • Representatives of minority groups - "wrinkles" included

The views of some weirdo's might be OK but wingers will probably be given a hard time by other members of the café society.