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My Side Of Outsourcing

The word outsourcing has created a buzz in many parts of the world. This word has had an impact of many people's lives whether directly or indirectly. Some are feeling the wrath of it and for some its like a gift from almighty. For management outsourcing is now a necessity, for outsourcing agency its business, for shareholders it's a tool for better returns and for consumers its better services at lower cost but what about the employees and their families?

John, a 25-year British bright graduate is wondering where was he wrong……….. Did he commit some mistake or he choose a wrong career line. Did he under perform and was not up to the mark or was he not committed to the job? Now unemployed, sitting at his home he is wondering what went wrongs. Last month he was sacked from post of customer care executive at well-known Financial Institute. Management no longer needs him as they have shifted some 700 odd jobs to some Asian destination for cost cutting. John now face a tough task of finding a suitable job as most companies are shifting their jobs to developing countries which offers cost advantage to them. Now he is facing run up against time to find a job for sustaining himself. He is confused and feels whom to blame for it? Whether to blame Top management, Himself, destiny or a person who has taken his job in developing country owing to lesser cost.

Vijay, a 25-year graduate from some B-Grade Indian college, is wondering and looking up events in past few days. He was unemployed for last 2 years, was doing some routine jobs for a meager pay, and had no hopes from life. Suddenly he is earning handsomely and now everything looks bright. He himself does not know what actually happened which resulted him landing on a dream job in a multinational financial institute. Was it destiny, his graduate degree, his constant perusal for last 2 years to find a suitable job, his knowledge of English Language or OUTSOURCING? He wonders………..

Vijay and thousands of such people have replaced 1000's of John owing to cost advantage they offer to Multinationals. In order to survive in the competitive industry these companies are forced to shift their bases to developing countries to gain cost advantage. If they do not do, there is possibility that they will be wiped out of business.

But what about 1000's of John? Should companies leave them in lurch and nothing to do but to blame the developing nations of snatching their job and making other employees feel unsecured and agitating any move to outsource more jobs to developing nations? Shouldn't the companies be more responsible and do enough work to help the employees settle well in life???? Would not it be better if management do invest some of the saved millions of dollars in retraining and outplacement of ousted employees?

Now it is time for management of these outsourcing companies to take necessary steps to move forward taking employees along rather then leaving them behind in lurch. There is a need of proactive steps from management to help people like John to settle in new environment and job. This will help the society in better understanding of Business cycle, which has forced the management to outsource jobs. We wish this happens sooner rather than late before its becomes too late to make people understand that outsourcing is there to make their lives better rather to take away jobs and leave them with no place to go.


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