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The “Personal Assistant” from GBOPS -

It is said that after a death in the family, a divorce or moving house, changing jobs is the most stressful task that affects human beings.

Given that is probably true, it makes even more strange that we manage our job search the way most of us currently do! In most cases the only time we think about our CV is when we think about changing our job. Then having rushed a CV together we bang it out to agencies, job boards, employers, friends, contacts et al. We also reply, often along with thousands of other applicants, to job advertisements. ... Read More

Applicants or Candidates has made a strategic alliance with GBOPS – Global Back Office Professional Services to examine if and how best we can, together, improve our range of hr and recruitment services to you.

You will know as a leading job search engine that is known as much for our quality control as for innovation, GBOPS is a business process outsourcing company that is based on Guernsey, ...Read More