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Recruitment Evolves

Contributed by:
Shena Parthab BSc
Managing Director
The Career Navigator HR Professional Network

Two years ago in theCafé we asked - “what will be the position of Recruitment when the CV of everyone in the job market is to be found somewhere on the WWW?”

Our answers then, now seem prescient. The skilled people we want to find now come in two distinct groups in two distinct ways: (i) people looking for a job or who are otherwise in the job market or (ii) the people whose skills you want but who are not in the market.

Today, somewhere ‘out there’, the first group, having placed their CV’s on the web, probably several times, then go on to search the web on an ongoing basis looking for the opportunity they want – contract, interim or permanent.

Reaching out and recruiting those who are not actively in the market is harder. For people in this group it is a question of how to identify them and to reach them. Here there are but two main options – headhunting and/or advertising.

If the habits of the people we are targeting evolve, it follows that the process of recruitment must evolve also and the techniques we use must also move on. For Members of The Career Navigator HR Professional Network, an active alliance of independent, ethical agencies, it was important that all the Members understood and adjusted to these developments and made sure that their approach and services were aligned with what is needed.

The result is that Career Navigator now offers two levels of service - both designed to reach out, find and attract the interest of the people with the skills you want. Senior Search (what was called Headhunting) and Recruitment Resourcing (what was traditional recruiting). Both services are extremely affordable and both are effective. The difference is only about what best suits your particular recruitment needs at a particular time. Just how these things are done and what constitutes each service are more fully explained at

In theory, back then, it seemed easy. Search the web, pick up the CV’s and pass them on. In practice, perhaps ironically, using the web to its full potential - searching and distributing good job descriptions and adverts and the like - has actually proved quite demanding of the time of skilled people and requires good back office systems in order to be managed successfully. Moreover, it takes real skill and training to know what to search for, where to look and in particular how to recognise what you are looking for when you find it.

Equally, successful “headhunting” is based ultimately on excellent research coupled with great communicating skills. In 2005 there is undoubtedly a cornucopia of information around, the real challenge is not getting the data but analysing and using it to advantage in a reasonable time frame and at reasonable cost.

This is another reason why we do so well, our team all Graduates+, have been working together as a stable unit for over three years supporting recruitment in Defence, Space, Telecommunications, Logistics and Manufacturing.

We are skilled in identifying and locating the companies who have the skills we want, in bypassing defences and identify the people doing the jobs and using the skills we want and, finally, we have the expertise and patience to listen to their aspirations, assess their potential and shape your requirements to gain their interest.

Truly, Career Navigator enjoys an enormous advantage - with our well-resourced “back office” of highly trained recruitment support teams, working across the web from a University campus in India and supporting Consultants in Europe.

Our teams use a smart, intelligent, web-enabled recruitment management process (designed by us, implemented by our software team over five years, and which you may also access on-line), to support our Senior Consultants who have been freed to give all their attention to Clients.

With Career Navigator recruitment happens efficiently, quickly and – crucially - affordably. In fact we have developed a commercial model that is completely new to the recruitment industry. If you so require you can be given access to the recruitment management process too. As a result of all this good recruitment happens fast and you do not lose the candidates you want regardless of the basis on which you have engaged our services.

There are, of course, two final elements. How do you protect yourself from the hundreds of calls a day from agency sales teams? And how to turn the overwhelming flood of un-validated CV’s into a useful flow of good data about the people you want? We can very quickly put all of that in place for you too. For a no obligations discussion please feel free to email me: