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RF Antenna, Space Jobs, Satellites Jobs, Railway industry Jobs, Networks, UK MOD Jobs, Job Search, CV Search, Submit CV, Job Posting, UK Jobs, European Jobs




The Editor Welcomes you to theCafé !

Helping creative people work together and to make a living.

Helping communities come together and people to engage.

Helping keep folk informed and to find the important things in their lives: Homes, Jobs, Personal Transport, Health, Money, and, to interact with the Opportunities that surround us all locally and beyond.

Helping business make better use of digital technology and “new media” to build better relationships with customers.


What's New 

theCafé "Tool box", the Personal Assistant and a Creative Help Desk.

As you know, In the defence sector, aircraft, tanks and ships become platforms on which to base complex systems and instruments ready for people to operate and work together to complete complicated tasks.

We begin the transformation and development of theCafé to make it a platform where our teams will help 'Creators' - Artists, Writers, Designers, and others - present and develop their output - individual and collaborative and get it to market. We will give you some of the elements of social networking sites but dedicated to supporting collaborative creative projects especially by providing for you a "creative help desk" and a "tool box" containing elements of new media that can be used as they come on line and that readily adapt to the "semantic web".

At the same time we recognise that many of the social networking sites, it is feared by users, might sell out by changing their objectives and perhaps the ways that information is used.  We, at theCafé, are developing a new business model which, we hope, will engender meaningful relationships between theCafé and theCafé Society - whose members and collaborators will, we hope, benefit from a more equitable distribution of the rewards between those who help make it possible, creators and their collaborators included.

Editorial Archive

Munib Tabani - Sub Editor - Business, Commerce & Finance

The Changing Nature of Jobs in 2007
RPO or BPO in India...the Elephant in the Room!

Recruitment Process Outsourcing to ... Guernsey!

Inward investment, Peugeot ..& Polish plumber


Matt Trevallion - Sub Editor - World Affairs


Veils, the Cross & Mini Skirts

Princess Diana was right. There are 3 parties in every .

Lay-by's & Layabouts
Partition: Chilling logic that settles Borders but Kills People and Damages Lives

When Worlds Collide

Is that what we are reduced to!?


Saisha Pirvani - Sub Editor - Employment Affairs


"May you live in Interesting Times".    2007 promises to be such..

Head Hunting - Drivers for Change


Samala Taqvi - Sub-Editor - LifeStyle & Wellbeing

Christmas, 4x4's... & Parathas


The Editor & Guests

My Side of Outsourcing
We Must Hang together
Make Money have Fun

Chandigarh Gateway

Impact of Broadband on Employment in Rural Communities - Michael P S Taylor, CEO, GBOPS
Head Hunting Evolves - Shena Parthab-Taylor, Managing Partner. Euronet Search

Recruitment Evolves - Shena Parthab-Taylor, Managing Partner, Euronet Search

Personal Profiling
Preparing For Interview
Everything That Goes Around
Introduction to Recruitment
Global Knowledge Market
Migration Of Jobs
Wise After The Event
We Must Hang Together
Make money have fun
Organising Anarchists

Cafe Society

Making Your Arts Hobby Pay
Art & Lifestyle

Manoeuvres In A Maruti
Environmental Pollution
University Exam Question
Broadening Our Horizons
Creativity Is A Habit

Writers' Bloc
Notice Board



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